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CPAP Bed Pillows

Having the right pillow can make a real difference is the effectiveness of your sleep apnea treatment. carries a variety of specially designed pillows and pillow covers and accessories to decrease mask leak while still being comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Contact online or by phone to learn more about the CPAP bed pillows we have available for you.

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  • CPAPmax Pillow 2.0


    CPAPmax Pillow 2.0

    By Contour ProductsItem #: 15-501R-1-920

    Ultimate CPAP/BiPAP comfort from CPAPmax CPAP Pillow 2.0 from Contour Products with four sleeping options.

  • Pillowcase for CPAPmax Pillow 2.0


    Pillowcase for CPAPmax Pillow 2.0

    By Contour ProductsItem #: 1-626-900-1-02

    Replacement Pillowcase for the CPAPmax Pillow is 100% cotton and is easy to maintain.

  • SleepAngel™ Anti-Allergy Filter Pillow


    SleepAngel™ Anti-Allergy Filter Pillow

    By Gabriel ScientificItem #: SleepAngelPillow

    Block allergens like dust mites, mold, or pet dander from making a home in your pillow by upgrading to this SleepAngel™ Anti-Allergy Filter Pillow. The unique design completely seals the pillow and allows the pillow to breathe with an ultra-fine filter. Learn more now.